Whether you’re new to the whole #plantsoverpills craze or are dealing with an ailment you’re hoping to fix, you might find yourself asking what strength is right for me? And while this is a very common question, it’s also difficult to answer which is where this guide comes in! First let’s get a better understanding of how our tinctures and gummies work within your body.

The Endocannabinoid System

I have one, you have one, in fact all living creatures have one! Though a relatively new discovery, our endocannabinoid system supports our body’s by restoring balance to help fight against diseases and regulates many functions including hormonal balance, sleep cycles, temperature regulation, mood, pain sensation, appetite, memory, and more.

It does so through receptors in our body’s known as CB1 and CB2, these receptors are found throughout our central and peripheral nervous systems. These receptors connect with other body systems (such as immune, endorphin, vanilloid, and more) to relieve inflammation, pain, hormone imbalance and improve energy levels, mood, and brain health, among others.

As you can see it’s a very important system – one that needs to be fueled properly to work efficiently. 

Since the active hemp ingredient in our tinctures and gummies is able to connect with so many body systems, it can help with ailmens as varied as fibromyalgia to sleep disorders and many other conditions. This is why it does not come with one-size-fits-all dosing but rather a guide to use and after a little trial and error you’ll be able to find the right dose for you.

Finding the strength right for you

Since our tinctures and gummies can help with a wide variety of ailments, there is no one-size-fits-all dosage. So two things to consider when trying to figure out which strength of tincture you need are your body weight and the severity of your condition.

As with most substances, individuals with more body mass will require a higher amount to experience the effects. A good rule of thumb to determine your proper dosage is to take 1-6mg for every 10lb of bodyweight depending on the condition you are trying to treat.

For more severe conditions (ie. chronic inflammation, seizures, and severe anxiety) you will want to take closer to 6mg. Common ailments treated with our tinctures include anxiety & depression, arthritis, insomnia, inflammation, skin irritations, seizures, and epilepsy.

Tincture & gummies strengths

Once you have decided on the daily mg amount you need you can easily find the right tincture strength for you!

We have 4 different tincture strengths to choose from, since they are all 30ml they each contain a different mg amount per ml. Our Everyday Health Boost  has 300mg (10mg/ml), Mild Ailment Relief contains 750mg (25mg/ml), Mild to Severe Ailment Relief with 1500mg (50mg/ml), and Chronic Ailment Relief contains 3000mg (100mg/ml). And two gummies strengths to choose from – 300mg per bag (10mg per gummy) and 750mg per bag (25mg per gummy). Our gummies are a great way to get your dose or to take with you for on-the-go relief! 

Dosage recommendations

For our tinctures, a good starting point for dosage once you’ve decided on the strength is to start with 0.5ml twice a day and then increasing after 4-7 days if you’re not noticing desired results. For our gummies we recommend starting with 1-2 gummies per day or taking them for a little boost throughout the day when needed! They are the perfect size (& taste) for on-the-go support when you need it. The good news is that there are no negative side effects so you don’t need to worry about taking a higher dose of either our tinctures or gummies.

If you’re still unsure about which dose is right for you send us a DM through Facebook or Instagram, or email us at