Every year the common theme to everyone’s New Years resolutions is around creating a happier, healthier, more rested version of ourselves in the year ahead. But many times we end up getting unmotivated, discouraged, or distracted and our resolutions end up failing by February. 

Don’t let that happen again to you this new year – it’s the start of a new decade after all!  Here are a few ways that the benefits of our products can help you keep your New Years resolutions.

Resolution 1: Lose excess weight
The active ingredient in our tinctures can help by increasing your metabolism-boosting brown fat and burning extra calories through a process called thermogenesis (your body’s heat-production process). Start by taking 0.5ml twice a day to help give your system the extra boost it needs to keep you on track to reach your weight loss goal.

Resolution 2: Stick to an exercise routine
Typically when we start working out after taking an extended break or start a new intense workout program we can be left feeling sore and tired. When this happens we tend to take extra days off from the gym to recover, making it that much harder to get back into the routine when we’re feeling better.

Taking a dose of our tinctures before your workout can help reduce inflammation in your muscles that lead to the uncomfortable soreness. You can also use our Muscle Therapy lotion as part of your post-workout routine to target the muscles you worked out.

Relieve the post-workout muscle pain so you can stay on track with your New Years resolution.  

Resolution 3: Get more sleep
When you sleep, your body is able to heal itself and improve your overall health. So when you are suffering with lack of sleep, you can suffer with more than just feeling tired. Getting proper sleep can help to improve your health, cognitive performance, mood, and more. 

If getting extra shut eye is one of your New Years resolutions than our tinctures can help! The active ingredient in our tinctures is known to help restore homeostasis in your body. When your body isn’t in balance then factors such as pain, anxiety, and stress can play a role in your lack of sleep.

Taking an extra 0.25ml before you head to bed can help bring balance back to your body so you’re able to fall asleep quicker and experience a more restful sleep, getting you on your way to achieving your New Years resolution.

Resolution 4: Make more friends
Social anxiety can stop us from interacting with new people, going to events alone, joining a sports team, and making new friends.

Our tinctures can help decrease your social anxiety by interacting with your body’s natural endocannabinoid system to boost the two-way communication system between your brain and body. This can allow your body to reduce your levels of cortisol and increase your production of serotonin to give you a feeling of calm confidence.

Keep Your New Year Resolution with Benefits of Hemp Heal

While our products can help give you an encouraging boost, it is up to you to stay motivated and committed to fulfilling your new year’s resolutions. Try to not give up just because its hard or you had a few distractions or set backs along the way. Keep in mind how great you’ll feel at the end of the year knowing you did what you set out to do in 2020!


Wishing you a very Happy & successful New Year from our family to yours! 


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