Testimonies from our customers

Amanda D.


 Since I started taking Hemp Heal CBD 750mg I've noticed a huge improvement in my digestion, my mood and the quality of my sleep. I take it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and again at night. You can really taste the difference in quality and I love that it's a mellow, natural taste. My mood is more balanced throughout the day and I'm noticing that I'm reacting to situations logically instead of emotionally. Thanks for making such a great product! Can't wait to try the other strengths and compare!

Kim A.


 I've been suffering chronic pain and discomfort in my left hip for about 40 years off and on.  As I've aged, the pain and discomfort has become a daily challenge for me to do certain activities.  The nights are even worse as trying to get comfortable in bed and get a good knights sleep was a thing of the past. 
About 5 months ago I was introduced to HempHeal CBD oil and started taking the 3000mg dose daily.  After 2-3 weeks I started noticing that I was sleeping better and had less pain and discomfort.  About 2-3 months later the daily pain and discomfort was mostly gone and I was able to become more active and resume a more normal life!  Thank you for such an amazing product. 


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